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Kik Online Login and Sign Up - Use it for free on PC Windows. Majority of devices are running on android OS today and instant messaging is widely popular feature introduced by android. There are lots of instant messaging apps available but KIK Messenger is most used and featured app so here is a guide to use Kik Online without Download.

Sometimes it happens that you just want to throw your phone away and chat with your friends with Kik on PC because your Smartphone has a small screen or that stupid autocorrect keeps on changing what you want to say. Sometimes it may even happen that your neck starts paining because of looking at your smartphone for a long period of time. But what can you do when you don’t want to use your smartphone but chat with your friends on Kik messenger? 

The answer is to use Kik on your PC! But there is a problem - Kik messenger is not officially developed for PC and the company has been mainly focusing on the mobile industry, thus there is no official PC version of Kik available. Even though company hasn’t developed an official PC version, but that won’t limit us from using it on our PC. So another question arises, “How do I use Kik on my PC”?

Using KIK on PC is really easy. Some of you might be thinking that I will ask you install an Android Emulator and then ask you to install KIK on it, but no! This post of mine tells you how to use Kik on PC without installing any software or download! Isn’t that great? 

Login Kik online on PC with Manymo - No Download Required

KIK Online - No Download

Installing new applications or software programs on your PC is always a hassle, especially when you don’t know about the publisher of that software. You certainly aren’t interested to install it on your computer. Sometimes it may happen that you are using a pubic computer and you are not allowed to install any third party software on that computer. In such cases Manymo comes to your rescue! 

Manymo is basically an online Android emulation tool that helps you to run Android applications online. Manymo creates an online virtual platform that is identical to Android interface and allows you to run any application you want.

If you are interested in using Manymo to login Kik online without downloading any sort of software then all you need to do is to create an account on Manymo

And let me tell you that it is completely free to make an account there. You can even opt for the paid version if you are looking for some more stability and extra features. If you are going to use this service once in a blue moon then free version is definitely the best thing in the market that you could get your hands on.

Before we begin with the procedure, it is really important to have a working Google Play account. If you don't have a Google Play account then it is advised to first make one and then only proceed further as without Google Account, this method won’t work.   

  • The very first step is to get Kik Messenger APK, you can download it from here.
  • Now go to Manymo and create a free or a paid account. Since it would be your first time you opt for the free account to get a better understanding of their service.
  • After signing up, select the emulator that you will use. It is suggested to use the one with a large screen size so you don’t face errors with the message resolutions.
  • Once you have chosen the emulator, it is time to launch it. To do so, click on Launch with App button. This will trigger an upload box and will ask you to upload the APK file that you want to run. Since our aim is to login on Kik on PC, you need to locate and upload the APK file that you had downloaded in Step 1. 
  • Now enter your Kik username and password to login to your account. This will also allow Kik to sync your messages from your Android or iOS account.  

And that’s it! You have successfully logged in to Kik on your PC without any download. If you face any problems or have any kind of suggestions for us then do let us know in the comments section below!

 KIK messenger was created by some group of students but because of it’s features and easy operations, it got popular and globally accepted app. This is smartphone generation. Almost everyone is own a smartphone. Even kids under 18 are using smartphones and they are well familiar with instant messaging apps.

Today it’s a smartphone era and most of us are using smartphones, still it is not possible for everyone to have a smartphone. For some people, it is not affordable. Some young ones are not allowed to use a smartphones and if you don’t have same communication methods as other have, your social connectivity is about to come to an end.

But you don't have to be lonely in this world of communication. You can also join your friends on their mean of messaging or we can say you can also message them via KIK messenger by installing KIK for PC on your windows or Mac PC or by using KIK ONLINE 

KIK Messenger For PC - Download Method

KIK messenger is the app which redefined the definition of messaging in android device. Day by Day popularity of KIK messenger is increasing and now KIK is one app having of most number of downloads on Google Play Store.

It is not just a messaging app but you can also share multimedia files like voice messages, pictures and videos with unlimited number of users using KiK. KIK is an easy-to-use app that allows you to share your emotions with smileys and other pre-saved graphical pictures. Most amazing thing about KiK is that it is free of cost.

You can send unlimited free messages to other KIK messenger user. Change theme and Chat background option make KIK messenger more attractive. KIK messenger does not need any contact number or pre-created account for log in. You have to create a new account with new user name and password. First time user need to create profile which they can use thereafter for other devices. You can search your friends and other members by their usernames.

As some of us don’t have Android Device or Smartphone, there is an alternate option of using our favorite Android app on Windows PC or Mac. You can’t directly install KIK messenger on Windows PC as no official version of KIK messenger has been yet developed for Laptop/PC for Mac or Windows. You need to use emulator program to use KIK messenger on PC. BLUESTACKS app player helps to use android apps on PC. We are going to tell you step by step process of how to download and use KIK messenger on PC.

Step by Step guide for Install KIK messenger on PC  

To use KIK messenger on PC, you just need to follow our below given step by step guide:
  •          Search and download BlueStacks App Player on your Windows/MAC PC from official website. 
  •          Run the set up and Install BlueStacks App Player on your PC.
  •          After installation process completes, open the app.
  •          Click on Search tool and search for KIK messenger.
  •          Install KIK messenger by clicking install app and let it download.
  •          After the download completes, run KIK messenger.

Now KIK log in with user id you have created already or create a new one and enjoy your new way of messaging with world’s most used Messenger app.
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